Glacial Energy is a provider of energy services

Posted by admin | February 27th, 2013

Glacial Energy is a provider of energy services in the United States that is active in many markets. It is a company that is just now expanding into the residential market, though, having previously only offered services to commercial customers. Glacial Energy is right now offering discounted services to customers in Michigan, Ohio, and New Hampshire, who are customers of MichCon, Consumers Gas, PSNH, AEP (Ohio Power), AEP (Columbus Southern Power), and Duke Energy. This great offer is Glacial Energy’s effort to honor America’s servicemen and women.

Glacial Energy is a high quality firm

Posted by admin | January 9th, 2013

Glacial Energy is a high quality firm that offers energy and natural gas service alternatives to consumers in markets who would otherwise have to use public utility companies or perhaps another alternative provider that is not as committed to the needs of the consumer. Glacial Energy operates all over the country, including in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington D.C., Texas, California, and many other markets. Glacial Energy places a premium on offering affordable services that are nonetheless high in quality. This stands in stark contrast to most other providers and especially to public utility companies.

Glacial Energy Offers Deregulated Energy Services to Businesses

Posted by admin | June 19th, 2012

Glacial Energy is a company that offers deregulated energy services to businesses, institutions, and non-profits. In the past its services were never available for residential consumers, but they have just rolled out a limited release offer for residential properties too. Glacial Energy gets rave reviews from everyone who contracts with the company. This is because those clients are able to save money, get better services, and direct money to non-profits.

The Glacial Energy Cares program is responsible for that last part. This is a program in which every single Glacial Energy clients gets the opportunity to redirect a portion of the profits from their account to a charity.

Glacial Energy is now Present in Sixteen Markets

Posted by admin | May 25th, 2012

Public utility companies have long been giving energy consumers the short end of the stick. Their lack of options means combined with their severe need for energy means that consumers have simply surrendered to the fact that they had to take it from the public utility energy providers for so long, but now deregulation is making it so that energy consumers have a way to explore other options that are newly available to them. Rather than simply paying the fees demanded of them from the one provider that was available, by law, in their geographic area, consumers are able to pick from one of several energy providers if they live in a deregulated market.

Glacial Energy is one company that is doing their best to offer some competition in those markets that are deregulated. Glacial Energy is now present in sixteen markets, including some of the biggest states, like Texas, New York, Michigan, and California. Glacial Energy’s commitment to providing energy alternatives to consumers has led it to offer energy services in every market available available to them, as well as offering natural gas services and a Green Energy system. Glacial Energy provides a service that public utilities simply cannot match.

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